Past funded projects

Pflag Australia (National)

Purpose: To provide support to gay and lesbians youth and their parents in regional and rural Australia.

Result: Establishment of material to help new regional and rural Pflag groups – Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays – providing support from within the community.

GALFA Grant: May 2011, $5,000

Gay & Lesbian Switchboard (Vic)

Purpose: To support the collaboration of the five volunteer based GLBTI telephone counselling services across Australia to strengthen their national presence and update the existing national website.

Result: The project was a catalyst that led to the formation of QLife, is Australia’s first nationally-oriented web and phone based counselling, peer support and referral service for GLBTIQ people. See and

GALFA Grant: March 2012, $2,500

Generation Queer Young Woman’s Project – Regional Youth Support Service (Gosford, NSW)

Purpose: To equip young female identifying people with the skills and support they need to make safe and healthy decisions by employment of a female worker at the same-sex attracted youth service in the Generation Queer (GenQ) Young Woman’ s project.

Result: GenQ continues to run programs for young female identifying people on self-esteem, confidence and leadership, cyber-safety, identity, anxiety and stress management, and dealing with homophobia, coming out to friends, family and at school

GALFA Grant: March 2012, $2,500

Val’s Café for aged care services (La Trobe University, Victoria)

Purpose: To improve the health, wellbeing, care and service provision for senior LGBTI people throughout Australia by development of “Val’s Café” website as a national resource hub for older LGBTI people and their service providers.

Result: Val’s Cafe operates as a free newsletter and website that provides up-to-date news, events, resources and education focussed on the needs of senior LGBTI people

GALFA Grant: October 2012, $5,000

Lesbian Parenting Australia (National) –grant offered in collaboration with the Australian Lesbian Medical Association

Purpose: To assist lesbian prospective parents wanting to start a family to understand their fertility, donor issues, the law, parenting options and provide associated information, community links and other regularly updated resources by developing the first national web based resource for LGBTIQ women.

Result: The largely volunteer team has completed web site design and content is being finalised, with launch expected early in 2016. See

GALFA Grant: December 2013, $1,500 co-granted with $5,000 from the Australian Lesbian Medical Association. Total $6,500

Helping Hand Aged Care Inc (South Australia)

Purpose: To increase and make visible the meaningful input into aged care service development and delivery by older LGBTI people and their carer’s. Using a consumer care and engagement framework ‘Turn Up Your Voice’ project will develop and implement the model in Helping Hand Aged Care Inc in South Australia, and make the model available nationally.

Result: The project is in the final stages of reporting. More information is at

GALFA Grant: December 2014, $5,000, co-granted with $10,000 from the Sidney Myer Fund. Total $15,000

LGBTI Health Alliance (National)

Purpose: To decrease isolation and build networks of support for isolated LGBTI elders by testing the feasibility of an on-line Virtual Visitor program based on volunteer and peer participation using various on-line, skype and social media contact to share life stories and experiences.

Result: The project commenced in mid-2015.

GALFA Grant: June 2015, $5,000, co-granted with $10,000 from the Sidney Myer Fund. Total $15,000

Royal District Nursing Service (Victoria)

Purpose: To improve the quality of aged and nursing care of trans and gender diverse (TGD) people by developing evidence based guidelines and culturally appropriate training for nursing and aged care staff. The project will build knowledge and capacity within RDNS, and publish the guidelines in the project report, and so making it widely available.

Result: The project commenced in early 2016.

GALFA Grant: December 2015, $5,000, co-granted with $10,000 from the Sidney Myer Fund

Uni of Melbourne + Swinburne Uni of Technology

Purpose: To reduce the incidence of homelessness and improve the effectiveness of homeless services for GLBTIQ people in Australia, by: reanalysing existing homelessness Journeys Home database, by interview service providers and homeless GLBTIQ people, by interpreting and making recommendations, and publishing the work so it is available.

Result: The project commenced in early 2016.

GALFA Grant: December 2016 $10,000, with further staged payments of $10,000, co granted with $10,000 from the Australian Communities Foundation and co-granted with $10,000 from the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation. Total $40,000