Newsletter – Winter 2014


  1. New GALFA funding priorities for 2014-2017
  2. Growing GLBTI opportunities in philanthropy
  3. Announcing our first grant round with the Sidney Myer Fund
  4. GALFA website updated
  5. Update on GALFA-ALMA joint grant recipient: Lesbian Parenting Australia Inc.
  6. End of financial year donations
  7. Donations and bequests build a better future
  8. To donate

GALFA News Winter July 2014

Sidney Myer Fund / GALFA: Grant round announcement

Sidney Meyer FundThe Sidney Myer Fund and the GALFA Board of Directors are pleased to announce our inaugural joint funding round, as part of the Sidney Myer Fund Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program, to the value of $15,000.

The aim of the grant is to reduce social exclusion of older GLBTI Australians. This may include nationally applicable projects that:

  • Increase the sustainability of inclusive aged care services
  • Improve GLBTI access to inclusive aged care services
  • Generate strategies for ageing well
  • Reduce ageism within GLBTI communities

Projects can take the form of community development, education, applied research, events or conferences.

Applicants are to submit an expression of interest by email to GALFA using the appropriate form by Monday 18th August 2014. Those short listed will then be advised by 1st September and asked to submit a full application using the Sidney Myer Fund online system by 1st October 2014.

Details and forms will be posted on the GALFA website soon.

Click here for a PDF version of this media release.

For more information, contact:
Ruth McNair (GALFA Director)

0419 120 663

Newsletter – Summer 2014


  1. Grant round outcomes 2013: Galfa – Australian Lesbian Medical Association joint grant
  2. galfa announces a new collaboration with the Myer Foundation
  3. Strategic planning
  4. We can help you
  5. We appreciate your help

GALFA News Summer Feb 2014

2013: Galfa – Australian Lesbian Medical Association joint grant

Kris and Ruth in Sydney

Kris and Ruth in Sydney

GALFA is very pleased to announce that the $6,000 grant has been awarded to Lesbian Parenting Australia Inc President Kristine Rowe for the development of a lesbian parenting website.

This website will be a national resource for LGBTIQ women wanting to start a family. It will provide information, community links and other regularly updated resources to help prospective parents understand their fertility, donor issues, the law, parenting options and much more. It will also include personal stories of women who have successfully negotiated their path to parenting through testimonials and a bulletin board.

This project satisfies the aim of this grant round which was to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian lesbians and bisexual women, and to be nationally applicable.

The combined galfa-ALMA selection panel agreed this has been a very useful collaboration and we are keen to run a joint round again in the future.

Newsletter – Spring 2013


  1. Grant round outcomes
    1. 2013: Grant round with the Australian Lesbian Medical Association
    2. 2012: Val’s Cafe Website –
    3. 2011: Gay and Lesbian Switchboard success in national DoHA grant
  2. galfa announces the appointment of our new Treasurer
  3. Marketing planning
  4. We appreciate your help

GALFA News Spring September 2013

Newsletter – Summer 2013


  1. Inaugural joint grant round – galfa and the Australian Lesbian Medical Association
  2. Changes at the galfa Board
  3. Grant round 2012 winner’s profile: From Catherine Barrett of Val’s Cafe
  4. galfa volunteer position
  5. We appreciate your help

GALFA News Summer Feb 2013

Newsletter – Spring 2012


  1. We appreciate your help
  2. Next galfa grant round
  3. Grant round 2011 winners profile
  4. galfa volunteer position

GALFA News Spring August 2012

Newsletter – Spring 2011


  1. A galfa grant round announced
  2. Consider making a donation
  3. PFlag grant update
  4. Perth Fair Day
  5. Next to Sydney

Galfa Newsletter Spring 2011

Newsletter – Autumn 2011


  1. galfa helps you… with grants
  2. galfa needs your help… at Tax Time
  3. … with your bequests
  4. … with becoming truly national
  5. … with your ideas

Galfa Newsletter Autumn 2011

Newsletter – Summer 2011


  1. First national project funded by galfa
  2. Midsumma Carnival galfa stall
  3. galfa becoming truly national
  4. You can help us… with your donations
  5. …with your ideas

Galfa Newsletter Summer 2011