Funding Priority Areas: 2017-2019


GALFA applies a social change model to its philanthropy, which has five fundamental characteristics:

  • It focuses less on ameliorating the symptoms of poverty than overcoming the causes of disadvantage and inequality.
  • It strives to include the people who are impacted by those injustices as decision-makers.
  • It also aims to make the field of philanthropy more accessible and diverse.
  • In social change philanthropy, foundations are accountable, transparent and responsive in their grant making.
  • Donors and foundations act as allies to social justice movements by contributing not only monetary resources but their time, knowledge, skills and access to power.

Priorities 2017-2019

In this context the GALFA Directors met in July 2016, to set funding priorities for the 2017-19 triennium. It reflected on past funded projects and considered contemporary issues and areas of disadvantage, as well as areas not currently and unlikely to be funded by Government or non-government organisations (NGO’s). In addition, it considered key themes of marginality that cut across the issues, and developed the matrix below. While the priority areas and themes will remain current for three years, GALFA shall update the table to indicate previous and current projects, and where new grant applications will be sought or commissioned.

Priority areas / themes of marginality Isolation-rural, regional, remote Multiple marginality incl ATSI, multicultural Community capacity building Cultural engagement & development Evidence building Services & inclusive practice
High priority            
1. Homelessness Seeking applicants Current project     Current project Seeking applicants
2. Disability †     Current project   Current project  
3. Children, young people & families Previous project   Previous project      
Medium priority            
4. Ageing well Previous projects   Previous projects     Previous projects
5. Mental health, suicide prevention            
6. Prisons/post prison            
7. Refugees            
8. Alcohol and other drugs            

† Note: GALFA has just announced it’s current grant round for the first half of 2017 specifically in the area of Disability.